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Wild West Wonders

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Poetry Corner, Wild Wonder Wisdom Collection | 0 comments

Wildflowers, wild western wonders.


Free to roam roads rough and dusty,

In Search of ribbon wreaths of floral,

Tribute songs to place and seasonal rains.


On Red sands, White sands , yellow,

An earthy canvas sprung to life

The linen ablaze with luminous colour,

the rainbow serpent

Sculpts impasto paint

On dunes,  the gorges and plains,

 across the landscape,

From Kings Park Perth  to Kalbarrie,

The everlasting trail,

Mt Lesueur,

Murchinson Gorge,

Mullewa and Eneabba.


Holly Leave Banksia, Star of Bethlehem, ,

Red and Green Kangaroo Paw,

Orange Flame Grevillea,

Wreath flower and blue Leschenautia,

Names all Cowslip , Donkey Orchid,

 Bee and Carousel Spider Orchid s

Growing on Wireless Hill.

—Wild Wonder Wisdom Collection

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