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The Stars Were Littered Across The Sky

by | Sep 19, 2020 | Mallee Wimmera, Poetry Corner | 0 comments

Sidereus Nuncius  –   the Starry Messenger

O’Galileo Galilei


Under the same

Inverted bowl of the sky

Littered with stars,

You and I in one heartbeat

echoing across the eons.

You and I amidst the mud

The starry galaxy

in the arch of heaven,

Shining upon the place beneath.

Star struck

we stand transfixed,

Separated from body

in mud,

At one with space and time.

The world as ovoid

The egg of life

Life encapsulated

Beyond recorded time

Then, here, now,

Glimpsing with frail wisdom

The natural laws,  

Hardly understood.

No breath No time

 Just expanded space.



—Mallee Wimmera Collection

—Notes on Lake Tyrrell, Sea Lake

—22 April 2017




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