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The Green Fern Frond

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Art Garden Heidelberg Collection, Poetry Corner | 0 comments

The grit of the garden path,

Sticks to my feet,

As I wind my way through the garden,

Each granule a moment in time,

Some mountainous, and some valleys deep

irresistible to waters flow.

The dappled darting light flits,

 shifting my focus,

Now is the autumn, turns her

Gentle glaze inward.

Still a fern fond, uncurls,

its black hairy mass,

a fierce force,

driving skyward,

Greets its counterparts,

 already grown to green fullness.

The grape vine abundance spent

 in resignation red with golden warmth,

it’s green tendrils 

ever reaching  for the last flush of life,

before the end.

The pot sits idly,

remembering Arabian nights,

sultans bedchambers

and cool courtyards with running water.

Now an empty vessel

Echoing memories across the garden.

—Art Garden Heidelberg Collection

—Autumn 2017




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