Young Moroccan Landscape Imprinting on Ancient Australian Landscape.
A result of gestating and unconscious process.

After returning to my studio from my Moroccan trip, cut short by Co-vid 19 I was hurled into isolation and uncertainty. This strange state of being awakened something in me and I picked up the brush, loaded it with couple of different blues and attacked the canvas.
As I attacked the canvas the experience of painting in the Pilbara and all I had experienced in Morocco came together (Blue was the colour of the buildings in a small hillside village Chefchaouen in Morocco.) On the trip I did an exercise in naming as many blues as possible for example, Sky blue, Sea Blue and many more ‘out of the ordinary blues’. And before I knew it this little lively puppy creature appeared on the canvas.
And the name of the painting popped out as automatically as the little puppy creature appeared. Young Blue and Playful.
Welcome to the world little one.