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Gum Blossoms By Ellen Michel

Learn to paint Australian Bush Flowers at Best online Art School in Australia

Petite Blue,

Hallow Chambers Blue,

Apollonian Blue,

Wilbur’s Blue,

Sultan’s Turret Blue,

Four Rivers Blue,

Mirage Blue,

Salty Blue,

Butterfly Blue

Faraway Blue,

Lemon Blue,

Plastic Blue,


Overflowing panican bags,

Subsistence farming,

Women riding donkeys for transport,

Women collecting water from the well,

Coppicing gums,





Man staring into field of wheat,

Shepherd with sheep flocks,

Straw robes on mud houses,

Stone buildings and walls,

Fields of legumes

Poppies red among the legumes,

Cypress pine,

Cherry or peach blossom,

Through Riff valley

100 km of plains

Always a sleeping dog in a car park.


— My Moroccan Caravan Collection

—March 2020

Blue Morocco

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