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River Spirit – Toward Recognition

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Kakadu Collection, Poetry Corner | 0 comments

You hide rich dark secrets

Burning and shining

In the dense cool water

You shimmer and shape shift

Breaking and crashing

The juicy mirror

Connecting the song lines

With lore and creation stories.

Mysterious nymph

Sweet winged creature

Ancient spirit of the river

Out of the deep and cool

Out of the muddy depths

You rise

You rise

Sweet winged creature

Eternal mythic being

Light my dreams .


If I listen closely to your sleepy ripples

I learn ancient wisdom

Ancestors, custodians – of this land, and waters

their deep knowledge

of  how to take care for today and the future.

My own fragile wisdom, too arrogant to hear

Until I kneel beside you and look and listen

My reflection bright and clear

My whiteness blinding

To my weak apology

You show me how.


—Kakadu Collection

—4 November 2019


River Spirits
River Spirits

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