When I travel, I get inspiration for my creative life, for my paintings, for my poems, for my art ...
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Paint Box and good

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At the beginning of the 1870’s oil paint tubes was still a new phenomena which led to the appearance of the paint box that  the painter could take into the field: sliding small wooden panels into the lid of the box for painting quick sketches.

Today I like to take off in my car to places unknown.  Find a place and set up my paint box and paint. 

I’ve painted in many parts of Australia and around the world.   All my trips are memorable because I bring back paintings and writing which are a continuing source of inspiration for years and years.  It is interesting to me to  find a common thread through my work that continues to intensify as time goes on.  One such trip was to the Pilbarra.  In 2010. Hiring a 4WD, I took off from Broome, drove to Port Hedland and picked up a fellow painter who had come from Bundaberg.  We set off for the great and vast Yarrie station, a cattle station of 2 million hectares, about two and a half  hours from Port Hedland. 

A profoundly spiritual experience of a vast, hot and seemingly empty place embraced by the vast skies.

Oil Painting on Canvas hanging out to dry in the Pilbara