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Gum Blossoms By Ellen Michel

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Through spinifex I roam

Over ancient earth,

To Will find my healing.


Bronze winged pigeon,

Wings clang of iron,

Empty fullness sweet.


Red gravel maze open,

Vast, enclose,

In desert country.


Earth and sky fusion,

Silver spinning grass,

Rock ruin past and now.


Desire to dissolve,

My yearning,

In red vastness.


Rambling desire,

Shifting path,

Between spinifex.


Weaving in and out

Path of heart,

Clumping spinifex.


Breeze fanning in gusts,


Green and gold dancing.


Red Sand, life fire,

Making bright,

Weave, temping my desire.


The Plains low horizon,

Makes large sky,

Dreaming more complete.

—Pilbara Dreaming Collection

 —Yarrie Station

 —24 July 2010

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