Learn to Paint Step by Step

An Oil Painting Lesson from start to finish

Paint Life as you see it and experience it…

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Leading art teacher, Ellen Michel, shows how to create an oil painting:
step by step from start to finish at her Heidelberg Studio.

Learn how to paint life as you see it and experience it…
at the best art school in Melbourne, Australia.

Setting up the painting on a lovely sunny morning...

Here in the backyard I have set up a little still life. A chair, a table , a hat , a scarf and a teapot under the Callistemon trees flowering with bottle brush. The scene is set.

Covering the canvas...

Although there are varying tones of green – it is a good start to cover the canvas with one of the green tones to get rid of the white canvas.

Shaping the Light...

Now to bring the lighter green foreground and start to shape the shadows of the background and distant trees.

Emphasise the focal points of colour, light dark ...

Now bring in more yellow for the scarf and the extra light on the bright green grass at the focal point.

The End!

It’s done. Capturing a moment in time. What joy.

Refine, position, sharpen the light and dark shapes...

Using a rag to rub off and position the light tones of the focal points of the painting.

Continuing to refine and sharpen the dark shapes of the tree trunks and hair and table and rub off for the light table hat 

Discover the confidence to appraise and practice painting through knowledge and awareness. All students are encouraged to find their own path, accelerate learning through practice, to pursue their own painting career in any direction they wish to take. 

Accented flourishes...

Some accented flourishes of strong darks, bright reds and lights on the trees.

Now, final detail with colour and light on the focal points of the painting. 


Can I learn to paint?

It is possible for you to learn to paint.  You have the capacity to create your own beautiful painting.

Over the years when perspective students have contacted me, there is a very consistent theme in their enquiry…


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