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Enlightened One

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Nature Observed Collection, Poetry Corner | 0 comments

Enlightened one,

When the morning breaks

you are there to herald the joy.

When the worms are loath to show their heads,

You know where they hide.

Singing sweet cords of praises

for the sun, moon and stars,

And discorded shrieks

when a wild cat discovers your nest.

You weave a nest like a spell, so perfectly round,

A nest of remnants lost and found.

You only take what you need,

For avarice you do not heed.

Evolving from reptilian form,

Your lightweight feathery body

Defying gravity,

Is miraculous to one,

Whose feet are made of clay.

You evoke in me

Something of the spirit

I long to know.


From One Village One Life

—Nature Observed Collection

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