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Cape Kerauden and At Barn Hill

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Pilbara Dreaming Collection, Poetry Corner | 0 comments

Cape Kerauden 


The salt plains meet the cauldron,

Pitted rocks near the mangroves at Cape Kerauden.

End of No 1 Rabbit Proof Fence.

The colonists hideous attempt to control the land,

And shamefully ,

reduce and restrict first people rights,

Oops, and the rabbits they brought by mistake.


Ground in this ancient landscape.

Free to draw the body in return.

His body muscles ripple and flex.

The triangle torso.

Proportioned and stocky.

The breeze caresses the cheeks and thighs.

My own refreshed in the breeze.

The sun is warm and healing.

For I am home.


—Pilbara Dreaming Collection

 —29 July 2010

At Barn Hill


Wide Sand

Aqua Marine Sea,

White shiny wet sand.

Tiny humans in vast landscape

Explore the craggy caverns

 of the towering monolith erupting out of the sand.

Castles in the sky.

Lizards footprints

Cross and cross hatch

Across the virgin sand

Between stones and shells weaving

In pristine redundancy,

Exquisite in its form.

The light fades to pink and mauve,

As the last rays extend across this place,

So vast and awe inspiring.

I am in the presence of the divine.

—Pilbara Dreaming Collection

 —30 July 2010

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