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It is possible for you to learn to paint.  You have the capacity to create your own beautiful painting.

Student Painting

Student Painting

Student Painting

Student Painting

Student Painting

Student Painting

A Nagging Desire to Paint

Over the years when perspective students have contacted me, there is a very consistent theme in their enquiry.

They say, they have always had a nagging desire to learn to paint as far back as their senior school days. But for many reasons they have not pursued that desire.

They say that at school they were not necessarily a top art student, could not draw,  nor did they  think they had any artistic talent but they continued to  think about learning to paint.   

They ask  me –  Can I learn to paint without artistic talent?

Yes, of course, you can learn to paint.  And I don’t believe you have no artistic talent.

I have been teaching for over 40 years based on the premise that everyone is a creative being and has a right to a creative life.  

Anyone who has  interest or has a burning desire to learn to paint, is the perfect student.   

It is not about genius or artistic talent, rather, it is about passion and dedication to pursue the ambition. 

With some simple but powerful knowledge I can teach you to paint. The fundamental thing I teach is to ‘see’.  To see the nuances, light effects,  the colour, the shapes.

Students say to me – Before I learnt to see I was merely looking, now a new world has opened up to me. It’s an exciting and alive view of the world giving me endless possibilities for painting.

By Ellen Michel

Under the Banyan Tree

India 2018

By Ellen Michel

frequently asked questions


No, you do not need drawing skills to learn to paint.  Drawing and painting are two very different things.  However your drawing skills will improve when you learn to paint because you are taught to observant exploring  things in depth.

When will I produce my own painting on my own without assistance from the teacher?

You will be have the basic knowledge to produce your own beautiful work within 5 classes.  Although it is recommended to continue to learn the nuances of painting. Remember practice makes more perfect.. And each painting is a step towards the next one.

 What will I learn?

 You will learn a number of oil painting techniques after you undergo foundational exercises which will then function as the basis for further techniques.   Such as abstraction, impressionism.  You will also study the modern and classical masters of Western Art exploring theories of composition, perspective and colour.


What will I need to do online classes?

We use Zoom so you will need to download the Zoom app – which is available on line free.

You will receive an email from me at the time of the class containing ID and Passcode and a Link to click on.

I will give clear instruction with annotated notes and  demonstrations on techniques and processes. 

1.     Set up a space  at home (this can be a corner, a table, a verandah, the garden)

2.     An Art Easel—Floor or Tabletop. I know some of you already have an easel at home, but for those who do not have one, consider a table art easel is great if you don’t have a lot of space for a floor easel. Here are some links to some you can purchase online:

Click Here to see Recommended Easel Style One

Click here to see Recommended Easel Style Two

3.      Canvas and paints – Art Kit – please contact me if you would some assistance with  canvases or art tools—brushes and paint. 



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Student Painting

Student Painting

Student Painting

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