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"Ellen's teaching methods, friendly approach and encouragement gave me confidence from my very first class. I left with a sense of accomplishment and amazed at what I had produced in one class." ...Lisa




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Master Art Teacher Ellen Michel Melbourne Australia

“I really enjoy the art classes delivered by Ellen. She is a good and nice teacher, very patient and knowledgeable in guiding me in every step from the beginning. I do not know much about art, techniques or any historical artists, and after I took her class (it is my 2nd session at the moment), I gradually develop understanding about my style and techniques. And more importantly, Ellen inspires me to keep learning about it! Highly recommended the online class!!!”

Hue On Sam

“Ellen,Your website is amazing and a thankyou for sharing your knowledge. You will inspire everyone who reads your articles.

I had a chuckle to myself when I saw your article about the size 0 and 00 brushes – I can still see you telling the elderly man in our class about 30 years ago to stop using the small brush & you used to sound so exasperated with him as he continued to paint small, detailed people into his tonal paintings with his small brush! Its a beautiful website and you look so gorgeous in the picture – full of vitality and passion – good luck with it all, I’m sure it will be a great success & you will definitely inspire people as you have done with me”

Kerryn Doig (Each tone so affects its neighbour so as to make its neighbour appear lighter……not sure thats quite it!!!!)”

“Someone asked me when I was 7 years of age what I wanted to be and I remember saying I wanted to be an Artist when I grew up.

So 4 children and a grandchild later I decided that I would like to learn oil painting and chose Ellen Michel at Art Maker Studio Gallery as my teacher.

I was such a challenge for Ellen as I had not even held a brush and I remember as I entered the front door I was finding it hard to remember back from school what colors made what when joined together.

I found that Ellen teaches from the start with a progressive program in oil painting that truly gives anyone an opportunity to realise their potential as an Artist.

I don’t really know why I left my run so late in life as family and friends and even myself didn’t realise I could paint so well.

Thank you Ellen for giving me the techniques in oil painting, your classes have been so enjoyable and challenging.”

By Gaynor Celoitti

“It’s rare to meet a true artist and artmaker like Ellen Michel. It’s been a wonderful experience to learn from a working artist who is passionate about painting the everyday world around her – her gorgeous garden and trees. I also love her paintings inspired by her trips all over the world. Recently Ellen visited Morocco and she told me she ‘travels for art’—to be inspired by the colours and environments of our world. I have always wanted to try painting and with Ellen’s expert guidance and support I am amazed by the paintings I have created since I started classes with Ellen. And my friends like my paintings too. I am very happy I found Ellen and her Art School and look forward to creating more wonderful paintings.”

Janina Black

“Ellen is a phenomenal teacher- right from the start her approach teaches you a clear, simple yet effective approach to painting. She is able to gage everyone’s individual needs and adapts her feedback/guidance accordingly. The art school is a lovely venue with a beautiful garden and studio space, with enough room for multiple students. I have grown tremendously since painting with Ellen and look forward to many more years.”

Courtney King

Online Art Classes at Best Art School in Melbourne Australia

“I have been a student at Art Maker Studio Gallery for just over 18 months. When I began I had very little experience in oil painting, the last time I had picked up a brush was almost 20 years before in high school.

I mentioned to my husband that I’d like to start oil painting classes, he knew that I was nervous about getting started and that I would like a more personal and welcome environment. He found Art Makers Studio Gallery online and after speaking to Ellen realised he had found the perfect school for me. Ellen’s teaching methods, friendly approach and encouragement gave me confidence from my very first class. I left with a sense of accomplishment and amazed at what I had produced in one class.

Thanks to Ellen I have produced a number of paintings that I am proud of and gained skills that I didn’t think I was capable of. I have also met a wonderful group of people who I look forward to seeing each week.

Thank you Ellen, for re-igniting my passion in art, for giving me the techniques and skills to create paintings I am proud of, and for continually improving my skills at each class. I look forward to your classes and to painting for many years to come.”

Lisa xo

“Ellen you have been an inspiration to me since joining your classes. Even during this ISO you have made it possible for your students to do online classes to keep everyone going with such a wonderful craft. You put a lot of passion and compassion into your work and to your students.”

Linda Franklin

“Ellen is an amazing, insightful artist and teacher who has the ability to inspire budding artists through her love of art and life. Her classes not only teach you painting techniques and how to create your own masterpiece, but also give you an understanding and appreciation of art history.”

Claire Farrell

“I am fortunate to have found Ellen Michel, the artist, as my art teacher and that also later in my life when I received a redundancy payment and had some free time to indulge in a hobby. I have to thank Ellen for instilling in me the confidence to call myself an artist and now I am like a ‘runaway train’ when it comes to oil painting. Rather than collecting paintings, I now paint my own. I also enjoyed the time spent in her art classes mingling with a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life.

Any painting is not complete without a description of the artist. Ellen deserves the recognition as an accomplished artist and a creative soul of incredible talent because of the colours she brings to life and the meaning it adds to the canvas. She is a consummate artist and a person of passion, integrity and generosity, not forgetting  interesting when you indulge in a conversation with her.  Ellen is above all a wise and caring human being.  As a tonal specialist, Ellen teaches her students including me, to “see” and to just let go.

Art is a mirror to your soul and the depth and intensity Ellen adds to her paintings is wonderful to see and there is unparalleled beauty when you look at it intensely. She brings colours and shadows to life in her paintings which is something you can’t miss.  She is also an ardent poet who expresses her gift in her words besides her paintings.  I am also struck by her words “I am mostly fascinated with the idea of the painter being an instrument, whose work reveals something universal, something that touches what it is to be human.”

I was fortunate to have my children gift me on my birthday with a painting done by Ellen titled Wildflowers.  It has a special place on the wall in my home. Ellen captures the essence of life in her paintings whether it is the Pilbara Dreaming, Peach Blossom  and scenes from across the world which she captures in her travels like her My Moroccan Caravan, Alhambra, Verona Morning or Under the Banyan Tree.  Art is a manifestation of our feelings of the world we live in, the people we encounter and the lives we cross paths with and Ellen’s art epitomizes that.

It is a privilege for me to be Ellen’s friend.

On the website

Ellen’s website is easy to navigate. It bespeaks of joy and the contemporary times and is very informative in an interesting way. With one click you can enrol in her classes, purchase her paintings or just browse around. It also introduces a lot of topics like Poetry, Art Therapy.  It is also a user friendly site where you can view all her beautiful paintings.”

Jalaja Balakrishna

“We, Ellen and I, cut these camellia from her garden in a beautiful winter morning. One of the flowers was fully bloomed so as I put them in the vase, one petal fell off and I love the moment it happened, so naturally. I finished the painting in four hours, and I am very happy about it. I have learnt that in a flower, each petal is special, even though they may first appear to be similar in colour. The more dedicatedly you look at it, the more you feel the uniqueness of each petal. So, fewer brush strokes worked better and each brush stroke created a distinct look for each petal. I realised that a petal looked lighter when it lied next to dark leaves and to make something look light, you just need to bring dark in the background. What amazing the relativity of colour is. Also, you have to pay attention to details and big picture at the same time as the feeling of a painting is created from the  combination of all details within it, but much more than the sum of parts. In this painting, I call it “The Camellia”, the feeling of winter cold comes from the dark blue background, which make the camellia look brighter, the falling of one petal as a part of the dying process of nature indeed bring liveliness to the painting. Lastly, few strokes with gloss pink paint create the depth for the painting, make it look more Impressionism.” 

Joint product of you and me and the camellia.


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