A place where you will cultivate the ‘eye of the painter’, a rich and rewarding experience, that stays with you, inspires you to paint – you will see a painting in a tree, a rock, a vase, an apple, a face .


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at 206 Cape Street, Heidelberg, Melbourne, Australia


Studio Art Classes are for students who live in Melbourne, Australia. 

  • Petite 5 – Studio – 5 Week Block – $525
  • Classic 10 – Studio – 10 Week Block – $950
  • Classic 20 – Studio – 20 Week Block – $1800 (Save $100)
  • Classic 30 – Studio – 30 Week Block – $2650 (Save $200)

You can join in any class with an available space. If your preferred class time is not available, please contact Ellen to add your name to our Waiting List.

Please note: It is possible to reschedule up to 3 classes, as long as notice is provided. 

About Art Classes

All classes are hands on and are kept small to ensure individual tuition. Courses are run in 3 stages of 10 weeks each. The stages are a guide to a students progress but is often accelerated according to the students input.

Students start at the beginning and complete each Classic Block (10 to 30 weeks of classes). So in each class there are beginners and advanced students. Working with other more advanced students allows students to observe and learn faster.

Classes are kept small to allow the one to one attention each student requires.

Demonstrations are conducted during each 10 Week Block to empower students with in-depth and valuable knowledge, skills and techniques.

Students at all levels are welcome – beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

Art Classes are offered in 5, 10, 20, 30 Week Blocks- Classic 5, Classic 10 Classic 20, Classic 30.

I recommend my Classic 30 Art Course (30 Weeks) to absorb the depth of my teaching.

You can join in any class with an available space. You will be advised if your preferred class time is not available. You have the option to join another class while you wait for an opening or you can add your name to our Art Classes Waiting List – Contact Ellen here

More About Studio Painting Classes: 

  • 5 class Block:  a chance to decide if you would like to take your creative artist further. 
  • 10 Class Block: 10 Classes-10 Weeks: this block will give you the tools you need to begin your painting life … learn the skills of a painter from long time art maker and leading art teacher Ellen Michel.
  • 20 Class Block: 
  • 30 Class Block:  I recommend my full 30 Week Course to absorb the depth of my teaching.
  • Online Class Duration:  1 hour 15 mins
  • Studio Class Duration:  2 hours
  • Please note:  It is possible to reschedule up to 3 classes, as long as notice is provided.
  • Online Classes:   Art Classes Online are via Zoom – a link will be emailed to you prior to your class time.
  • Studio Address:  Ellen Michel Art School Studio Art Classes are held at our Studio at 206 Cape Street, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia
  • Please note:  Beginner’s Art Kits for Online Students are posted to Australian addresses only.
  • Please note:  Beginner’s Art Kits for Studio Students are collected at your first class.

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Leading Melbourne art teacher Ellen Michel in Heidelberg Studio Melbourne

Ellen Michel in her Heidelberg Studio

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Studio Art Classes with celebrated art teacher Ellen Michel at Heidelberg, Melbourne, Australia

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Art Kit will be posted to you or if you live in Melbourne you can collect from the Studio, usually at your first lesson.

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