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"Embrace what it is you don't know and have the courage to step through the door." Ellen Michel
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Art Therapy Sessions with leading art teacher Heidelberg Melbourne

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Art Classes Melbourne Australia


Monday – Sunday

Private Sessions are available.

Art Therapy Session at Heidelberg Melbourne Australia

What is Involved in Art Therapy?


  • Explore the Self.
  • Create stepping stones of your life.
  • Map your life transitions.
  • Engage in a guided process of inquiry working with crayons, paints, clay and other art materials.
  • Opportunity to reflect upon and dialogue with aspects of self which were never so clearly visible before.
  • Experience and produce artwork unique to you, that will surprise and fill you with joy.



NDIS Students are Welcome – For more information Contact Ellen

Art therapy ‘studio’
Classes held at our Melbourne Studio

Art Therapy Studio Sessions are for students who live in Heidelberg, Melbourne, Australia at the Ellen Michel Art School 206 Cape Street, Heidelberg, Melbourne. 

  • Petite 5 – Studio – 5 Week Block $525
  • Classic 10 – Studio – 10 Week Block $950 
  • Classic 20 – Studio – 20 Week Block $1800(Save $100)
  • Classic 30 – Studio – 30 Week Block $2650 (Save $200)

You can join in any class with an available space. If your preferred class time is not available, please contact Ellen to add your name to our Waiting List.


Tuesday – 10.00-12 Noon
  (2 spaces available)

Tuesday – 1.00-3.00pm
  (1 space available)

Tuesday – 7.30-9.30pm
(2 spaces available)

Wednesday – 7.30-9.30pm
(1 space available)  

Saturday – 10.00-12 Noon
(2 space available)

Saturday – 1.00-3.00pm
(3 spaces available)

Art therapy ‘Online’
Classes are Powered by ZOOM

Set up your easel and join my Online Art Classes in the comfort of your own home. Australia wide and International Students can learn from art maker Ellen Michel. To ensure each student receives individual tutoring, classes are kept small – up to 4 students only per ZOOM Class.

The first class of Block 1 is always a one on one class with Ellen.

Ongoing Individual ClassesOne on One Classes are available – Please CONTACT ELLEN for more information.

  • Petite 5 – Online – 5 Week Block $450
  • Classic 10 – Online – 10 Week Block $800 
  • Classic 20 – Online – 20 Week Block $1500(Save $100)
  • Classic 30 – Online – 30 Week Block $2200(Save $200)

You can join in any class with an available space. If your preferred class time is not available, please contact Ellen to add your name to our Waiting List.


Monday – 1.00-2.15pm

  (3 space available)

Sunday – 10.00-11.15pm  

(3 spaces available)

The New You:  Find the Stress-Free You

Ellen Michel qualified Art Therapist, BA, Diploma of Art Therapy introduces:

Art Therapy: Find Your Bliss

Join us in a  Fun-Filled  Sunday Afternoon Workshop designed to take you on a PERSONAL JOURNEY to reclaim your STRESSED FRAGMENTED SELF.

Or you may prefer a private session/s.

Art Therapy: Find Your Bliss

This Workshop focused intention: the AIM is to facilitate healing for all those who take part. 

Allow space in your hearts and minds. Make the choice today! 

  • Art Therapy Find Your Bliss Recovery and Re-Discovery of Self
  • Workshop Of  Pure Play and Discovery

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What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy: works on the premise that ART IS MEDICINE (AIM).  Art Therapy is a powerful and effective healing practice which renews, teaches, inspires and nurtures the human spirit.

It can be ‘one on one’ or ‘group’ therapy sessions.  Held within the parameters of a safe space your Art becomes a language to Articulate, to Play, Explore, Recover and  Discover your creative being. In turn releasing stress, healing and renewing a sense of Self.

Stress is a very real experience and we develop ways of normalizing what is happening to us with exercises carefully designed to maximise your experience as you take a personal journey to reclaim your fragmented stressed self.

You do not need any experience in art and all are encouraged and acknowledged for their uniqueness through this workshop.


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