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Gum Blossoms By Ellen Michel

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by | Sep 17, 2020 | Granada Collection, Poetry Corner | 0 comments

Alhambra, red and crimson palace,

your towering walls

press sated into the  La Sabica Hills.


Silver by starlight and golden by sunlight.

Fortress of conquerors,

and palace of sultans and kings,

Zirites, Nasrites, and Christians all love you.


Their mark our heritage in stone,

their needs shaped your being,

and ignited our dreams with passion.


Your portals of ‘justice’, of ‘wine’,

of  stories, and pomegranate,

Are gates to our imaginings,

Your pointed arches and long porticos

invite the heavenly hosts.


Your watery soul and deepest longings,

Reflect in dark pool and sparkling fountain

on walls and vaulted caverns,

illuminating the inscribes, to god so glorious,

 and perfect.


You are prayer and holy ancient place.


—Granada Collection

—October 1998





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