To paint the landscape is a truly enriching way of communing and appreciating the landscape for its
beauty, detail, and particular character.

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For instance, when painting in the Flinders Ranges in a very difficult location on the side of a hill amongst prickly Spinifex with fierce winds, which buffeted my large palette, finally flinging itself against my chest and the painting into the Spinifex I truly thought it was a disaster, however on reflection over the years I have come to recognize what a brilliant moment and gift from that gust of wind and prickly Spinifex there on the Pinnacles because it taught me a lot about myself and the process of painting landscape.

I love that painting for what it stands for with its imperfections of unexpected events.  The painting even today after 40 years, still reminds me I have courage and determination to see it out and to know it is not about perfection or control its about going with the moment and responding to the whole experience.

I invite you on a journey which will sustain you into the future by giving you something that is entirely a unique memory and experience.

The journey will start with a step by step process of observation and understanding the fundamental layout and perspective of classical landscape.

You will learn about the pitfalls, tricks to engage the eye of the viewer, colour in landscapes and different styles including impressionism, realism, and expressionism.


We are all children of the earth regardless of where we are born and what we experience in this life on our planet.

We all have a response to the landscape wherever we are.

To paint the landscape is a truly enriching way of communing and appreciating the landscape for its beauty, detail, and particular character.   It’s a way of connecting on a deeper level giving us a meaningful experience beyond just passively observing a scene.

We take away with us a lasting memory in a painting which cannot be replicated in a holiday photograph.

An outdoor landscape painting experience. The peacefulness of the Australian bush allowed me to connect authentically with my environment thus capturing the true colours around me – a memory to treasure.

The experience of painting landscape in many different locations gives me sustainable lasting memories far more than the times I have not painted.


Landscape Paintings by Ellen Michel

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