No matter how long you have been painting there is always a question surrounding your practice or on the other hand if you are contemplating starting on the ever intriguing path of oil painting this is an opportunity to explore the refinements of the craft.
In the coming months we will explore in depth details on genre and techniques in painting by offering are five week courses on Portraiture, Landscapes, Florals and Still Life.

In these courses you can refine your knowledge of these subjects or just get a taste of a particular genre to see if it might inspire you to explore further. Each subject has its own unique and specific points which can bring life and vitality to your work.

For example: How to make your painting come alive with colour, light and shapes and perspective. How to bring the atmosphere that makes the viewer get into Landscape of the painting. How to engage the eye and insight the imagination of the viewer by enliven the still life or the floral tribute so it feels alive and fresh.

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