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Under the Banyan Tree
$3500 AUD
Oil on Canvas
A series of colourful glazes is a striking feature of this painting which was created after a trip to India. was absolutely enchanted by the complexity, majesty and deprivation I was confronted by on my journey around Rajasthan in the north of the country. The Banyan Tree is Holy to the Hindu religion. In Delhi all street trees are numbered and are protested from being removed. Hence, this tree I incorporated into the painting is in the middle of a busy market place with trucks bicycles and lots of people doing business.
Part of my poem (see the complete version in Poetry ) below describes something go the experience too.

India is wild and full of love.
Its zigzag life and dreams,
Are a sacred beaded tree,
Hiding forgotten secrets,
In a heavily woven fabric,
And marble inlay glorious.

Moghuls, emperors, palaces and forts so glorious.
Gandhi, and those who showed her love.
A simple loin cloth, threads of its fabric,
Tangled with riddles and broken dreams,
Mended with colour so rich and glued with secrets
In fervent prayer the Tree.

Glorious India, stories are dreams lived in the here and now,
Bathing in the mystery of love and hidden secrets,
Eternal in the fabric of the tree.