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Since ancient Greece, the Springs of Kallithera, , 9km from Rhodes city, on Rhodes Island have been renowned for their therapeutic powers for such conditions of arthritis, obesity, diabetes and many more. Peoples from the surrounding islands and coasts of Asia Minor would come to Kallithera for healing. Set in the beautiful bay of Kallithera’s natural environment was also a factor in the healing process.
The first manmade structure above the spring was built by the Italians in 1928 by architect Pietro Lombardi.
When I visited in 1997 the structures where is semi ruin, which for me made them so beautiful and added to their charm as a painting subject.
I read on the internet they have been fully restored and are a working tourist and health resort which is a wonderful attribute for the island economy.
The technique adopted for this painting thin transparent layers overplayed with thin white paint to allow the underpainting to be revealed and in parts where there is more solid light thicker white is used. Details of the arch and columns require strong definite shapes.